Lord Ganesha Writing - Inlay Statue

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The spectacular figure of Lord Ganesha writing writing-inlay-statue is nicely crafted out of brass, reconstituted turquoise and coral. It is believed that Lord Ganesha was writing the Vedas as Vyas was dictating him. He is called Buddhipriya: One who bestows of knowledge and intellect. He is also known as Omkara: One who has the form of 'Om'. In the first book of the Mahābhārata, it is described that Vyasa asked Ganesha to aid him in writing the text. Ganesha, however, imposed a condition that he would do so only if Vyasa narrated the story without pause. To which Vyasa then made a counter-condition that Ganesha must understand the verse before he transcribed it. Thus Vyasa narrated the entire Mahābhārata and all the Upanishads and the 18 Puranas, while Lord Ganesha wrote. Vyasa is supposed to have meditated and authored the epic by the foothills of the river Beas (Vipasa).

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