"Lord Kalki" Vishnu Dashavtar Patachitra Painting 19"

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  • Product Code :3018
  • Material :Patti Paper (Cotton and Paper Togather)
  • Size : 19" x 13"

Lord Vishnu, one of the Trinity Gods in Hinduism, is responsible for the preservation of the universe. In order to preserve the universe from any impending catastrophe, He took various incarnations. These incarnations detail the divine help extended by Lord Vishnu during various stages of human evolution, by appearing on earth in different forms. These incarnations are said to demonstrate that divinity re-establishes Dharma or righteousness and destroys injustice from time to time, by appearing on earth in various incarnations. In this spectacular Pata painting the Lord is taking the form of Kalki, his tenth incarnation, that is yet to happen. It is believed that he would come on a horseback and will rescue the people from great deluge.

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