Lord Shiva Hindu God of Destroyer of Evil

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Shiva - The Lord of the Dance. Shiva is both destroyer and re-creator. He is depicted in many forms, but as the Lord of the Dance, he brings the dance/cycle of life to an end, in order for a new cycle to begin. He dances in the flaming halo, which symbolizes cosmos. By beating on a drum with his right hand, he summons up a new creation. His left foot symbolizes liberation, and the vertical eye on his forehead, gives light to the world.

Made from cold castResin (bronze mixed with resin) giving it a very dramatic and rich look! This process makes this piece richer looking and enhances your room!
8.25" x 6.5" x 3.25" in size, weight: 1.290 kg.
The statue is not solid Bronze but a composite of bronze and resin.

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