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Paratattvaganitadarsanam, or Principles of Transcendental Philosophy of Mathematical Truth is a bridge connecting two fields, the field of mathematics and the field of metaphysics. It establishes general paradigm that the mathematical truth can represent metaphysical truth. It shows, in particular, that Advaita Vedanta articulates mathematical truths whose validity is absolute. This conclusion is arrived at on the basis of the fact that mathematics has the capacity to articulate transcendental truths, which are beyond our normal capabilities.

Paratattvaganitadarsanam provides the basic framework in which the statement, 'a part is equal to the whole' is a true statement. The material is presented in the form of a dialogue between two main characters, a Vedantin and a Mathematician, 'both standing on a common platform (which is impartial and earnest inquiry into the
Absolute and attainment of the highest)

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