Saturn: The King Maker

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About the Book

Book 'Saturn: The King Maker' unravels the king maker role of Saturn in addition to Saturn's significance in timing various vital events of life. 'Saturn: The King maker', an un parallel work on the mystiques of Saturn so far, contains 14 chapters. First two chapters deal with the introduction of Saturn as a member of the solar system and its astrological connotations. Much dreaded ruthlessness of Saturn is only a one sided picture and a fuller understanding of this Graha requires systemic study. Various information regarding Saturn, its significations, and occupations & diseases etc under Saturn's control are vividly discussed. Saturn in Puranic contexts makes an interesting reading.

Next two chapters describe in detail Saturn's placement in twelve houses and twelve signs. Introducing various dimensions of different houses of birth chart we proceed discussing the appropriate results of Saturn's position in different bhavas at the time of birth. The enigmatic Saturn renders modified results when placed in different signs or Rashis. The impact of Saturn in various signs is carefully studied. How the aspect of various planets on Saturn, and vice versa, change the results to amazing extent and how the malefic Saturn becomes benefic are the subject matter of these two important chapters.

The fifth chapter unravels the 'Different positions of Mysterious Saturn' which narrates Saturn in Ascendant and Retrograde profiles as well as brief discussion on the positions of Saturn in 12 houses: as many as 26 states of Saturn are described.

Next three chapters deal broadly with the transit of Saturn. The 6th chapter discusses about proven principles about transit of Saturn which can determine the time of marriage, accurately and exactly. The 7th chapter deals with the 'Nadi principles about Saturn's transit'; expertise in which can make one predict precisely the timing of events. And the 8th chapter 'Saturn the Great Timer' contains detail event-by-event analysis of lives of great personalities and contains various rules with regard to predicting the exact spell of time interspersed with examples to explain the rules propounded.

The chapter on 'Saturn: The King Maker' deals with crux of the theme, the most marvelous and amazing role of Saturn in elevating one to the position of King, minister, head of the state or of the industries. On the contrary, adverse disposition of Saturn brings fall from power, miseries and losses which is the point of discussion in the chapter Saturn in the 10th house: Fall from power.

Next 4 chapters shed light on the relationship of Saturn with other planets such as Sun and Jupiter which play an important role in deciding events related to marriage, progeny and profession. Thus, in totality, the book demystifies the commonly held view about Saturn's enigmatic character and describes at length its constructive role in molding the basic pattern of life. It is a must read to gain comprehensive knowledge about Saturn and to remove the myths about its malfeasance.

About the Author

Mrs. Mridula Trivedi, a Post Graduate from the University of Lacknow, graduated to become a very highly acclaimed astrology of international renown. Honour with ‘Doctor of Astrology’ by the world development Council in 1987, she did not look back in the march of adding further feathers to her cap. She was honoured with the title of ‘Ved Vyas’ by Spiritual and Astrological Research Institute, Lucknow in 2001. She was also awarded ‘the Best Astrologer and Best Writer of the Country’ by planets and forecast in 2007. She is associated Editor.

Mr. T.P. Trivedi, a retired engineer with U.P. Power Corporation Ltd., has dedicated his life to the promotion of excellence in astrology. Awards like 'Best Astrologer of India Award', 'Dr. Manorama Sharma Jyotish Puraskar' by Gopal Das Neeraj foundation are just two stray examples from a rather long list of awardsa bestowed on him. Based on his lifetime achievments, he has also been honoured with the most prestigious awards of uttat pradesh, Yash Bharati in 2015.

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