Shakti of Shiva 'Devi Uma' - Brass Sculpture 13"

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  • Product Code :894
  • Material :Brass
  • Size :13"H z 4.25"W x 3.50"D
  • Weight :2.750 Kg.

    This image is Uma(Parvati),Goddess Uma is known by many names,in scripture Durga Saptashati there are described 108 names of the Goddess like Shailputri (daughter of mountains) Skand Mata (mother of skanda) Mahagauri (extremely fair) Siddhidatri (giver of magical spiritual powers) etc.Goddess Uma is glorified in Indian literature and sculptures as being beautiful daughter of Himavat, the God of the

    Great HimalayanMountains and the heavenly nymph Mena.Uma is above all known as Shiva's wife, who obtained her husband through great heroic effort and she is the one who provokes him into creating their child, this being necessary for the conservation of the world. Parvati discovered her passion for Shiva in childhood, and immediately realized that she needed to prove the endless depths of her feelings if she wished to become his wife. She focused her mind on Shiva only.

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