The Social Message of the Gita: Symbolized as Lokasamgraha

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This book is a landmark in the wide panorama of Gita literature, the universal nature of which is reflected in the use-in the form of prose as well as poetry-of an increasing number of the world's languages. As the first book to utilize original verses in modern Sanskrit to convey the social message of the Gita, it not only fills a significant linguistic gap but also focuses attention on social issues which call for urgent action by karmayogins. Part one explains that Lokasamgraha or the holding together of the society and the world-exemplified by Janaka in the Gita-is the correct ideal for all human beings, particularly in times of social crisis. Part two summarizes how selected leaders-Roy, Vivekananda, Tilak, Aurobindo, Gandhi-applied the Lokasamgraha approach to tackle social, religious and political problems during the last two hundred years. Part three offers suggestions as to how the same karma yoga spirit can be not only kept alive but also further invigorated by evolving newer and newer forms of Lokasamgraha, the need for which is no less compelling now then than what was in the past.

About the Author : Dr. Satya P. Agarwal is a Social Scientist with a brilliant academic record as well as notable professional achievement as notable professional achievement, in India, United States and United Nations. His academic honours include five gold medals and numerous merit scholarships and research fellowships at various universities.

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