Travels in India During the years 1780-83

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Preface :- The intimate connexion which has fo long fubfifted between this country and the con- tinent of India, naturally renders every Englifh- man deeply interefted in all that relates to a quarter of the globe which has been the theatre of fcenes highly important to his country; and which, per- haps, at the moment when he perufes the defcrip- tion of it, may be the refidence or the grave of fome of his dearefl friends.

It is only matter of furprize, that, of a country fo nearly allied to us, fo little fhould be known. The public is, indeed, greatly indebted to the learned labours of gentlemen, who have refided there, for the information which they have afford- ed concerning the Laws and the Religion of the Hindoo tribes; as well as for correct and well di- gefied details of the tranlactions of the Mogul go- vernment. But of the face of the country, of its arts, and natural prod uctions, little has yet been faid. Gentlemen who have refided long in India lofe the idea of the hrft impreffion which that very curious country makes upon an entire ftanger: the novelty is foon effaced, and the mind, by a common and natural operation, directs its views to more abftract fpeculation ; reafoning affumes the place of obfervation, and the traveller is loft in the philofopher.

To fupply, in fome :flight degree, this hiatus in the topographical department of literature, is the immediate object of the following pages. It will, I flatter myfelf, not be difagreeable to my readers to be informed, that they conlift of a few plain reprefentations of what I obferved on the fpot, ex- preifed in the fimple garb of truth, without the fmalleft embellifhment from fiction, or from fancy. They were chiefly intended for my own amufe- ment, and to enable me to explain to my friends a number of drawings which I had made during my rcfidence in India, fome or which accompany the prefent publication. The apology is trite; but in this cafe its truth, and the refpectability of the name to which I refer, muft plead my excufe-it was owing entirely to the influence and perfuafion of my moft juftly efieemed friend, Henry James Pye, Efq. Poet Laureat, that thefe obfervations have been fubmitted to a tribunal, which I have ever regarded with awful refpect-THE PUBLIC.

Cover : Hard Cover
Edition : 1999
Publisher : Munshiram Manoharlal Publication Pvt.Ltd
ISBN : 8121505682
Language : English
Pages : 163 (with engravings and maps)

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