First Day of Navratri : Worshiped on Goddess Shailaputri

The first manifestation of the Divine Mother is Shailaputri; venerated on the first Navratra. She is the re-incarnation of Sati who was putri (daughter) of Shail (Himalayan Mountains) and hence her name Shailputri. Also worshipped by the names Parvati, Bhavani and Hemavati, Her countenance is extremely calm, ever brimming with kindness and blessings. Astride a bull, she is ever portrayed against Himalayas in the backdrop, carrying a trident in one hand and a lotus flower in the other.


As such, She personifies the cumulative power of the Holy trinity – Brahma - VishnuMahesh (Shiva) and reigns over the Muladhar Chakra (the bottom most energy center of the seven energy centers within the human body symbolized by a lotus with 4 petals).

Maa Shailputri has a half moon on her forehead. You can also see a trident in her right hand and a lotus flower in her left hand. She rides on Nandi. The abode of Maa Shailputri is believed to be in the Muladhara Chakra. Realising this divine energy is considered as an important step towards spiritual enlightenment.

Legend of Maa Shailputri :


In her previous birth, it was said that Shilputri was Sati, daughter of Daksha. Once Daksha performed a big Yagna without inviting Shiva. But Sati, wife of Shiva, came there with lord Shiva. Daksha insulted Shiva. Sati could not tolerate this and she burnt herself in the fire of Yagna. In another birth, she became the daughter of Himalaya and got married to Shiva as Hemavati.

Form of Mother Nature Worshipping :

Maa Shailputri will evoke the spiritual relationship with Mother Nature. Shailputri is the expression of earth and covers all of the hills, valleys, water resources and the atmosphere. Goddess of Root Chakra Maa Shailputri is considered as the Goddess of root chakra. Worshipping her will help in awakening the Moolchakra, thereby helping you to attain spiritual enlightenment. Performing poojas and chanting mantras on the first day of Navratri, keeping mooladhar in mind, will help you to perform the rituals auspiciously.

Gupt Navrtra

Goddess Will Fulfill All Your Desires Dhyana Mantra Of Shailputri: The most important mantra of Maa Shailputri is:


Vande vaanchhit laabhaaya chandrardha krita shekharaam,

Vrishaarudhaam shuladharaam shaila- putrim yashasviniim


[ Its meaning: Worshipping Goddess Durga in the Maa Shailputri form will help in overcoming any bad effect of the moon, which is governed by this form of Adi Shakti.]


by Team Ganges India

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