Second Day of Navratri : Worshiped on Goddess Bharmacharini

‘Bharmacharini’ is the second manifestation of Durga’s energy, meditated on the second day of Navratras. She represents the rigorously austere aspect of Mother Goddess in her incarnation as Sati. Since Mother Goddess spent countless number of years practicing severe asceticism to espouse Lord Shiva, She is also known as Tapa (penances) Charini (practitioner). Although She is widely worshipped for wish fulfillment; Her existence personifies love, loyalty, intense devotion to ones goal and renunciation of everything that’s materialistic.


Her disposition is very calm and warm. Her ornaments composed of lotuses and Rudraksha go very well with Her White clothing and ascetic character. She also holds a rosary and a Kamandalu (pitcHer) in her hands.


Her reign over Swadhishtan Chakra (the second last energy center in human body symbolized by a lotus with 6 petals) controls the sexual energy in human body.


If you worships goddess Brahmacharini, you will get a mind that remains unshaken even in the biggest hardships. No suffering will bother you if you worship goddess Brahmacharini on the second day of Navratri. She is believed to be the sign of devotion, sacrifice and determination.


Mantra to impress Brahmacharini Mata: To get the divine blessings of Brahmacharini Mata, you have to chant mantras while worshipping her.
Dadhana karpadmabhayaamaqshmala kamadalu !
Devi prasidatu mayi brahmchaarinyanutama !!


  • How to perform aarti for Brahmacharini Mata:

Before performing aarti for Brahmacharini Mata, you have to give the idol a bath of milk, curd and honey. After the bath, give her Prasad that is offered to Goddess Durga. Then take one flower in your hands and chant the mantra. Now give her the bath of Panchamrit and offer flowers, rice and Kumkum. Put a garland of red and lotus on goddess idol. Light a diya with ghee and then perform aarti with devotion. Best bhog options for Mata as well as Prasad: Sugar is the best bhog as well as Prasad for Brahmacharini Mata. The second day of Navratri is devoted for goddess Brahmacharini and sugar is considered to be the best option as bhog. It is believed that by offering sugar, the longevity of the family members increase.


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